Terra Global | The Earth world-class automotive lubricants that allows THE JOURNEY TO GALAXY BEGINS is going to be born
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If you have any enquries, do drop us an email


TERRA lubricant is well formulated with the latest Super Advanced USA Additive Technology


To be the Earth world-class lubricant company that allows the journey to Galaxy begins


To develop the best valued products to strike beyond our customers expectations through constant premium values delivery


Passion, changes, invent and innovate, respect & integrity, speed, team work & collabration, safety & environment, provocation

We are committed to drive, to energize, to engage and to inspire others

ACCEPT Change, EXPECT Change and CREATE Change

Today's innovation and creativity are conventional solutions of tomorrow

Evaluate often. Realign & redirect as necessary.Take pride in what you do !

It's all about speed when you want to win ! Speed is everything

Because when we are happy, we can accomplish more, faster and better than in a singular version

We strive to create a healthy and safety environment for human, the Earth & the Galaxy

Nobody like chaos. You are the agents of change for our clients

Range Of terra products

TERRA lubricants are blended from reliable high quality base oils with imported premium additives

Terra Pluto

Terra Mercury

Terra Mars

Terra Venus

Terra Neptune


We are committed to answer your enquries the soonest and serve you better